808’s and Heartbreaks

Honestly truly I am over niggas! No, I’m not going to sit here and say “niggas ain’t shit” because that’s not that kind of person I am. What I will say is, I have been left completely disappointed by the male species. This is not only based off my own experiences, but my friends, family and even strangers that I know off social media.

Before 2015 I had a zero tolerance for guys and the fuck shit. No boyfriends, no bae, not sexually active.. NOTHING! I was not with the shits at all, but for the right reasons. I refused to let myself get played and sure as hell was not trying to look stupid out here. How many girls you know “baes” are either in your DM, in somebody elses, or just flat out parading the next chick? Exactly, that’s who I’m never trying to be.

He can be in a whole relationship and you would not know because they are sweating you the entire time. ISSA SCAM SIS! Now a days you can be dealing with a guy and all of sudden their girls, wives or even kids magically appear.


Men should walk around with a scannable (definitely not a word) bar-code. Leaving us with the choice of whether or not we want to give them our time. If you know he’s in a relationship and you still want to pursue something with him, do you!

No judgement here, ‘least you know what you’re getting into before hand.

No relationship is perfect, but you want it to be as perfect as possible in the beginning stages to avoid the bullshit in the long-run. You don’t want to see yourself settling down with a guy, that before ya’ll are even serious he’s already creeping around. I’ll admit I have trust issues, making me less susceptible to deal with any kind of fuckery from guys. My walls (pause) are built so high that the man (not guy or boy but MAN) who chooses to climb it, is definitely bae asf!

I’m not in a rush to settle down nor have kids, but I feel like now is the time where I should be romantically involved with the man I want to build with. Before you marry and have kids you want to build, travel and create experiences with your man and that takes time.

After a year of failed flings, I have decided to close up shop to focus on myself and my money. Maybe I’ll trip and land on a loyal dick man on my way to  work or class.

Listen below to catch this post’s vibe!


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