Gone Viral: Stuck on the E

How annoying is it when you’re on the train and the conductor announces, that the train will be stopping because there’s another one on the platform? Three to five minutes later the train moves and you go on with your day.. But imagine being on stuck on the train for two hours?

Video after the jump!

Well, that was a reality for those on their morning commute on the E train earlier this week.  Instead of being completely annoyed and angry, they made the best out of it by coming together and starting a two hour long jam session. They played tunes by Drake, Fetty Wap and even Elvis Crespo’s Suavemente.

This video goes to show not only how strong the power of music is, but how great us New Yorkers are.

Sidebar: I wonder if those passengers latenesses were excused or not.


2 thoughts on “Gone Viral: Stuck on the E

  1. If I was stuck there I would have been went to the middle of the train cars and climbed down to the tracks and walked outta there.

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